• About us

    Welcome to Kula Yoga Space! In this space, we focus on connecting to the physical body in a way that feels "delightful". NOW in PLETTENBERG BAY!

    The physical body is the only thing in the present moment and by connecting to it you are becoming more conscious. Living a more conscious life is an incredible journey, I invite you to try it. In this space we offer yoga classes and a self-healing modality called TRE (Tension Release Experience). Meditations and workshops are also on offer so please watch our Facebook page for updated details.

    "Kula" means Community in Sanskrit. You are invited in this space to feel at home, make suggestions, comment, make friends and be yourself. There are no expectations of you and no judgment. Everyone is encouraged to approach each class with a beginners mind so the journey in and out of Downward Dog can be new each time you take your body there. This way you can keep your curiosity about yourself alive!

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  • What is Yoga?

    Yoga is our tool to find the stillness we need to connect "that which guides us"

    In a yoga practice we don't use the body to get into a pose, we us the pose to get into our body. Yoga is a way to explore your intelligence about our body and how it functions - our internal goings on - how we feel - good feelings, not so good ones - and sensations. So basically, getting to know ourselves...perhaps for the first time. An asana is a pose that requires your attention inviting you to feel from the inside out. So yoga is much more than just stretch and tone. Yoga is practiced quietly and softly to safely lengthen joints for flexibility. Yoga is practiced with a little more energy to build stamina and strength so the muscles support newly developed flexibility. Asana practice can take you to your edge where you choose to accept the invitation from the body to move deeper or stay...it's always your choice.

    Your practice will help you to feel stronger, lighter, more energized, focused and encourage to live life a little more fully.

    bullet Gentle classes to strong classes.
    bullet Come push your boundaries, relax, distress and feel your body.
    bullet Daily, morning and evening classes.

  • Before you arrive

    Visiting a yoga studio for the first time can feel intimidating! Here are 10 guidelines to prepare you. We'll welcome you any way.

    1. Not a good idea to take a class on a full stomach:

    In order for your body to twist and hop into poses, the stomach can't be digesting something heavy. Don't eat anything heavy or starchy 3 hours before class. If you're starving have something light (pawpaw, apple, etc) about 20 minutes before class. No drinking 15 minutes before class.

    2. A very good idea to arrive early:

    The studio opens a half hour before class. For new students please arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class. This is to allow time for paperwork and to connect with the teacher. Arriving early also gives you a chance to set up in the studio and get your favourite spot.

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  • 3. Grab all the props:

    If you don't have your own mat yet, the studio does have for you to use. Sometimes a strap, blanket, and block all offer something a little different to a beginner's practice, but each helps your body get into a deeper version of a pose so don't be shy to use them. Straps and blocks give you a little extra room to twist, while a blanket will make all the seated postures - plus the final relaxation - even more enjoyable.

    4. If we chant:

    There may be Sanskrit chanting at the start or at the end of class. If you're not comfortable with this, there's no pressure to take part. Simply relax, breathe, and keep an open mind. If you're interested in trying, do your best to keep up with the class, but no one will notice or mind if you mess up a few words. We chant to connect.

    5. Socks, preferably no:

    Socks limit your connectedness to the earth. Bare feet is best.

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  • 6. Just let go... of everything, starting with tension... :

    Keep things loose and chilled. Every day our body responds differently to our practice. Just go with it. Comparing yourself to the other yogi's will take the joy out of your practice, so just don't do it. Clenching your fingers, toes, or even your jaw is very common when you're first starting out. The more you let go and release this stress from your body, the easier every pose will feel and you'll find that you're able to hold poses for longer.

    7. Breath is everything:

    It's the best way to keep your attention in your practice. Start to pay attention to how shallow your breath is at the beginning of class and if it's deeper and more relaxed at the end of class. If you feel your mind start to wander, focus on your breathing and lengthen your inhales and exhales.

    8. Child's Pose, always a good option:

    There will be yogi's of all levels practicing in class, so if there's a pose you don't understand or aren't ready to try, don't be afraid to take rest in a child's pose. Even seasoned yogi's do it.

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  • 9. Trust the teacher:

    Moving at your teacher's pace might be difficult. Regardless of whether it's feeling too fast or too slow, trust their choices for sequencing and do your best to stay on track with the rest of the class. Also know that some teachers will be more hands on than others. If you're not comfortable with touching or adjustments, there's nothing wrong with telling your instructor it isn't working for you.

    10. Be a beginner:

    Every time you step on the mat your practice brings up a new experience. Stay fascinated with what you are doing and after some time on the mat you'll find challenging poses easier. Everyone is a beginner at some stage, even seasoned yogi's are encouraged to use a beginners mind every now and then.

    Come to the mat with no preconceived idea of what to expect or what you can accomplish or what you can or can't do. Keep a positive outlook, leave expectations at the door so you can enjoy the best experience possible.

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  • Fair Energy Exchange

    Drop in class R80
    5 class card R350 (valid for 2 months from date of purchase)
    10 class card R700 (valid for 3 months from date of purchase)

    Monthly rates:

    2 classes per week R490
    Monthly unlimited yoga R600

    bullet Monthly packages are to be paid before the first day of each month
           and run for 3 months at a time. Missed classes cannot be carried over
           and packages cannot be put on hold. If starting classes after the first
           of the month a pro rate amount will be calculated for the first month only.

    bullet Packages are paid in advance.

    bullet Unfortunately no refunds for classes not attended.

    bullet Packages and cards are not transferable.

  • NULU workout wear

    A tribute to the playful, non-serious and egoed-out personality of a yogalife and everyone's search for beautiful minds, bodies and souls.

    Yoga-shmoga should be worn with that playful, humorous outlook, whether you're doing yoga…..or just having a shmoga - See more at yoga-smhoga

    NULU - workout gear to live in, is replacing the much loved yoga-shmoga name. Change is fun and exciting, as NULU is proving to be. Locally made, funky, fun workout gear that makes you look as great as you feel when working out. NULU clothing found countrywide at fitness studios is also available in Plettenberg Bay, directly from Rosalind. Please like and watch the NULU and Kula Yoga Space Facebook page for new stock alerts, sales and other exciting NULU stuff.

    Please go to the second page for a full gallery of the NULU range!

    NULU Clothing Range
  • This is what you can expect from a NULU range of workout gear, that you can live in:

    Enquire with Rosalind for what's hot in stock TODAY!

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  • Class Schedule

    Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat
    06:30 am - 60 min - 60 min - -
    08:00 am 75 min - - 75 min - -
    08:30 am - - - - - 75 min
    18:00 pm 75 min -
    - 75 min - -

    Classes and Teachers subject to change
    Watch for the Holiday season schedule
    TRE Group sessions by booking only

    Style of yoga
    Rosalind is trained in Forrest Yoga and Indi Yoga. She creates a sequence that combines the essence of both styles to ensure a full body somatic experience. Forrest Yoga is a deep healing yoga that builds strength while getting curious about what the body is storing and going there to connect and heal. Indi Yoga bring the essence of traditional yoga, allowing for an independent approach to your practice, becoming your own teacher and healer. For no one really knows you better than you know yourself. Included in some classes is fascia release work amongst other healing modality snippets.

  • Our Prices

    Introductory Offer:
    One Month Unlimited $39
    New clients only. One time purchase. Must purchase with-in first week of coming to studio.

    Auto-Pay Membership: Unlimited Yoga
    $89 per month - with a minimum 6 month commitment
    $79 per month - student/senior pricing - with a 6 month minimum commitment

    Regular Pricing:
    Drop In - $17 ** New Rate**
    One Month Unlimited - $135
    One Year Unlimited - $1000
    5 Class Package - $70

    Student/Senior Pricing:
    Drop In - $13 **New Rate**
    One Month Unlimited - $110
    One Year Unlimited - $750

    Please note - student pricing is for full time students. Must present valid ID.

  • Introducing TRE®

    If you experience pain (sciatica, lower back, joint, neck, shoulder, etc), excessive anxiety or worry, mental or physical fatigue, fear, panic or addiction, conflict, overwhelm in certain situations or trauma, then TRE® could be the healing modality for you.

    Visit: www.treforafrica.com or www.traumaprevention.com for further details or Facebook page Tension Release Experience aka TRE at Kula yoga Space

    More about TRE

  • More about TRE®

    TRE® (Tension/Trauma Release Experience) is a self-induced therapeutic tremor. It's the body's natural ability to release stress and/or trauma on both a physical and emotional level. TRE® reactivates the nervous systems innate reflex to discharge and complete unresolved responses in the body, letting go of stored stress and tension and allows the body to return to a calm and relaxed state of being. TRE® is a simple exercise routine that reinitiates tremors in the body. All that is required from the individual is an open mind and a curiosity to stay present with what the tremor is presenting them. Once the exercises become familiar (suggested 6 sessions) individuals are encouraged to tremor at home whenever they feel the need. Rosalind is a level 2 TRE® Provider. She has personally been using the modality as a self-healing tool for over two years and passionately speaks of the benefits and how TRE® has changed her life. Rosalind is available for individual session and will conduct group work as well. For more info visit www.treforafrica.com or www.traumaprevention.com or TRE® Knysna and Plettenberg Bay on Facebook.

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  • If you experience any of the following you could benefit from TRE®:

      bullet Excessive worry or anxiety.
      bullet Mental or physical fatigue.
      bullet Fear and panic or addiction.
      bullet Headaches or any physical pain or discomfort.
      bullet Overwhelming situations.
      bullet Conflict at work or in your relationships.

    Benefits of TRE®:

      This natural process is available for everyone. Once the body knows how to initiate the release, this process can be done at home, daily if needed.

      This empowering process promotes better sleep, improved energy and endurance, helps you feel more calm, relaxed and grounded in your body.

      TRE® reduces stress, physical tension, muscular pain, worry and anxiety.

      TRE® is extremely effective as a stand-alone practice, and it deepens all other stress-relief practices.

    Please enquire & book directly with Rosalind for TRE group /Individual sessions in Plettenberg Bay or Knysna area.

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  • Workshops, Training & Retreats

    "TRE group sessions" - Group sessions are held monthly by Rosalind Dockendorff.

    Next group starts December 2016. Please book now as places go quickly.
    Only 7 people per groups session.

  • Contact us

    location  73 Beacon Way, Poortjies, Plettenberg Bay


    Phone +27 82 370 0939

    Facebook Like Like our Facebook page!

  • Contact us

    location 73 Beacon Way, Poortjies, Plettenberg Bay.


    Phone +27 82 370 0939

    Facebook Like Like our Facebook page!

    Thank you!

    We have recieved your message and we will be contacting you shortly.

  • Directions

    We are close to the following areas:

    Knysna, Keurboomstrand, Wittedrift, Noetzie, Bowtie, Harkerville, Natures Valley,
    The Craggs, Whale Rock, Robberg, Plettenberg Bay, Central, Harkerville,
    Wilderness, & Sedgefield.

  • The yoga style is an authentic style that includes Rosalind's training in Indi Yoga and Forrest Yoga. The style taught includes somatic awareness, fascia release, strength building, connecting to Self through breath awareness and much more. The class sequence and dialogue get you curious about your body and develop a deeper connection to Self. Rosalind uses her experience as a TRE provider and fascination with body work in her teachings, ensuring a sequence will build strength, create space, push boundaries and connect you to your Higher Source. Beginners to Advanced students welcome!

    Come Play Yoga!

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